Yung Bleu – Reading The Room Lyrics


It’s way more money than I can get in my lifetime
Can’t believe I gave you niggas a lifeline
It’s way more money that’s being accumulated
You underachieve and over opinionated
Bitch ass niggas, Instagram rich ass niggas
I don’t do this for reels, I do this shit for real
I’m bussin’ down deals with niggas in suits
Sheiks and Jews in foreign lands, eatin’ and cheese and juice (Ooh)
It’s way more money we could’ve gotten a past
These niggas ain’t talking to me they talking to Vlad (Ooh)
Before you do another sit down, show ’em your badge
I ain’t sitting down with it for interviews
But I’Il let the air out of you niggas like inner tubes
I’ll probably cut a piece out and make it an interlude and sing to you niggas

See who get the most views
If you ain’t fuckin’ with me, I ain’t fuckin’ with you, uh
And I’m still reading the room, tryna find the girl of my dreams but speaking of whom, I think I seen her
We could’ve been like Martin and Gina or maybe Pam and Tommy, I love some chocolate (Ooh)
We did a 69 like Tekashi, but the only difference is I’m not telling nobody
It’s more than physical love, I think it’s chemical love
‘Member when I used to want a bitch that look like India love
But that really ain’t love, (Ooh), I’m in the Bahamas getting Caribbean love (Ooh)
She like Davido she give me that Nigeria love
I told her hit the lights so I can really indulge

I think I’ll love you one day
Just like you deserve (Ooh-ooh-oh)
I think I’Il love you one day
‘Cause you’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen (Ooh-ooh)


Uh, It’s way more money than I can make in my life span
Just handle the smoke, I got the finance
I got shooters out on dryland wherever I land
Gun got a laser, nigga, come get a eye scan
Whoa, I’m way too hood for Hollywood
See everybody runnin’ with styles that I influenced
100K wire to me to sell a verse
The real world is starting to feel like the meta-verse
Everybody fakin’, callin’ niggas your brothers
But then they get around these hoes and show their true colors
Assault rifle, it got a potato on the muzzle
I got the type of will to get Jada under covers
And niggas sell they soul to get these M’s I made
I made it without it my pocket stick as Buffy the body (Ooh)
These Jewels illuminated, they might think I’m illuminati
I’m an ace in my hood, I pulled up in a new Bugatti

I think I’ll love you one day (It’s real love)
Just like you deserve (And I know you deserve it, Ooh-ooh-oh)
I think I’Il love you one day (Sweetest girl)
‘Cause you’re the sweetest girl (Sweetest girl I’ve ever seen) I’ve ever seen (Ooh-ooh)

I’m talkin’ ’bout this music shit, it gives me everything
Sweetest girl, but I’m startin’ to think I don’t really need this girl
It’s so much shit comes with this girl, it caused me pain daily
And one day I might quit this girl, but it paid me amazing
This girl made me creep, this girl got me in beef
She gave herself to anybody, she so for the streets
She let niggas get in her doors too much
She don’t tell niggas when they doing too much (Lame ass niggas)
I tend to vent to her when I’m going through some’
But you never talk back, ignoring me, huh?

But everytime I look around, you’re blowing me up
So I can’t complain, I just bought three new chains
And I kick it with the same gang, Lou Kane
Make these bitches know my name, like my name Rick James
2015, nigga had a mean wrist game
I was fuckin’ niggas hoes, leavin’ semen stains on the sheets
Know I’ma call up T, when it’s beef
That’s my cousin, no we ain’t bangin C
But I know I got some niggas in my hood bangin’ B’s
‘Fore I give you this chain, I’ll give you angel wings fuck nigga

I think I’ll love you one day (I think I love you)
Just like you deserve (One day I’ma find love for the game again, this shit just crazy right now)
I think I’Il love you one day (But I’ma keep gettin’ this money)
‘Cause you’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen (Ooh-ooh)
I think I’ll love you one day (Letter to the game)
Just like you deserve (Ooh-ooh-oh)
I think I’Il love you one day (Ooh-ooh)
‘Cause you’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen (Ooh-ooh)

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