Yard Act – Fizzy Fish Lyrics


Looking like it’s gonna be a hot one, out on the lake today.
You know it rained all day last week?
Yeah, I wonder what the fish think to all this? if fish think at all that is.
Maybe that’s why the opinions gathered by the think tanks always stink.
They only ask the thick fish,
Thick fish with fat fins and toothless grins all mouth no ears,
fizzing with thick ideas.
Do you remember fizzy fish?
you used to drop ‘em in yer drink and watch the bubbles strip the crystal from the gelatine.
Do sick fish sink? They float to the top when they’re dead though,
the things going on in my head y’know.

I’m weird me. Dead weird.
The man I’ve become wouldn’t abandon the boy I used to be
so come down here and talk to me,
I’ve been dragged through the mud until I’m so washed up it feels good,
but you just can’t trust an open book.
Told everyone, everything I’ve ever known now everybody knows I was accident prone.
Cool night tonight out on the lake,
followed on from the hottest day I could ever recall if memory serves correct.

Can’t remember ‘em all see
but I spoke to the fish though and as it goes,
the weather is irrelevant when they’re nibbling at my toes,
still chipping away at the coal face of my own self-loathing,
a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’m a danger to my own health,
but you’ve gotta love yourself,
so I’m taking my own ego down to the bistro of the soul, come find me,
I’ll be wearing a dead carnation on me coat.
Back again are we?


Back in black, mourning the last chance you had in this life to get back on track,
you prat.
yeah not much has changed my end,
though most of my opposable thumbs are now gone.
Eyelids, earlobes, nostrils too.Made mother nature faint.
She was sweating buckets when she saw my face.
Knees shaking again, blood sugar levels remain unstable.
She’s on the edge, I wouldn’t wish that on me,
I’m glad you came back though. It’s a long road to walk alone
and God knows I’m accident prone (you acted alone!)

So, sling addiction and a kid in just to sweeten up that mix,
it happened so fast that I broke the one thing I could ever fix.
Purify me.
How about one last crack at it before we quit the biz?
it’s a complete and utter swizz.
But only you know how I feel.
There’s no such thing as mistakes,
just the creation of new situations with which we have to deal.
So, here we are again, and no one’s really checking in.
So, stay strange and be ace.
Keep that silly grin plastered across your stupid fucking face.

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