Yard Act – An Illusion Lyrics


It’s a Bank Holiday so all the hospitals are shut,
guess I’ll have to saw off my own foot.
Send a letter to my son, tell him that I’m drunk again,
tell him it’s a buzz having this much fun.
Tell him that I got stung, tell him that i got burnt because i went to work without my trench
coat on, yeah
on the run, what from?
Promised him a souvenir from every single city I could cop one.
So far, got none.

Just this shotgun shot that I got and all for what?
I was hot property once, but now the promise is gone
because the roots were all rotted from the start.
I’m in love with an illusion.
Once the wheels are in motion,
swear I’ll join the revolution.
So just take the plane James,
it’ll take off regardless,

make hay whilst the sun shines,
having fun doesn’t mean you’re heartless,
hard of hearing, maybe aimless, dark as sin,
whistling past the morgue when the drink kicks in.
think I’m self-destructing,
buying fridge magnets everywhere I go to prove I’ve been
its fucking disgusting,
look at this, a cactus in a snapback riding a BMX atop bubble lettering that reads Venice.
I’m in love with an illusion,


once the wheels are in motion
swear I’ll join the revolution
and I’d hang my head in shame,
but for the weight it bears would see to it,
I don’t look up again.
Before I came here I used to have an aim,
all it takes is a little recalibration to remind me,
I used to have a name,
all it takes.
I’m in love with an illusion
Where’s that utopia I promised ya?

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