Wiz Khalifa – Not A Drill Freestyle LYRICS


Nigga wanna hide his hands, I’ma push the line for him
Smoke a whole pound of weed so I’m always paranoid
Walk up on a grown man treat him like a little boy
What I’m smokin’ on is loud, what you smoke ain’t makin’ noise
If you thought I wasn’t on the top you was misinformed
If you knew that bitch was for the streets what you kiss her for
If you wasn’t going to spark that weed what you twist it for

If you ain’t trying to go get that money what you in it for
I’m the type to drop the top when the weather warm
You the type to lose your bread on everything you bettin’ on
If it’s ever in my bag you can bet it’s strong
Talk her through it ’cause she cute but her head is wrong
They don’t want it ’cause it’s not what they ready for
Bitch this ain’t my only watch I got plenty more
Newest car run on a lot kush, Santa Claus

All my niggas solid all my niggas 10 toes
All my niggas spend money all my niggas pimp hoes
All my niggas outside all my niggas really smoke
All my niggas got foreign ride so they sittin’ low
All my niggas gangsters in general
Same nigga talk get left where he stood
Money in the bank what you think I’m gettin’ to it
Everything I said I would do you see me doin’ it
Put in too much work to let a fuck nigga ruin it

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