Vera Sola – Is That You? LYRICS


the first time i saw him in a long long time
was the shoulder of the jacket
the laughter and the leather that i knew

i approached the bar
took him by the arm
and said

Is that you?
Is that you?
Is that you?
Is that you?


was the last time i saw him for a while

when you lose someone
all the talk belongs to the lost
every walk’s got the gait of the gone
every laugh bears the weight
of what’s wrong
and with every breath you take
you ask

i went to the church today
it was full of the faces i’d long filed away
and age had set in as she will, she wills
she wants

now the jacket it hangs in my closet
where your sister came and left it
but i see it on other bodies
every place that i go

and sometimes to a stranger
i reach out and touch the shoulder
and ask

is that you?
is that you?
is that you?
is that you?

but then i remember
that the last time was forever
the laughter was forever
forever now
is where
you are

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