Vera Sola – Instrument of War LYRICS


Lord make me an instrument of war
Lord pack me my pistol bring me my sword
load me up with landmines
bury me in concubines
take me downtown where the bullets are

see i don’t take prisoners no more
they smell my blood and they hit the floor
so i let down the rails
bind me up in chain mail
and i’m going out to settle my score

i had some doubts before
they caught me up at my threshold
and i had some doves before
i let ‘em coo at my threshold


but now everything’s changed
and from all that i am estranged
so i saddle my horse
and fed my birds down
to the dogs of war

well you made me a woman
so you made me a whore
you built me a body
and then you showed me the door
you said i needed money
and then you told me what for

oh you laid your heavy hands on me
you let him lay his heavy hands on me

so now i’m an instrument of war
i’m made up of drones and a nuclear core

your peaceman’s a liar
it was the Lord who built the hellfire
and now he’s gonna see what i got in store
he’s gonna see a woman
that he built for war

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