Vera Sola – Bird House LYRICS


lady made no mention
barefoot down the hallway
turning on the lights in the empty rooms
in the largest of houses
with the darkest of windows
morning bells of birds in the woods abound

lady made no mention
that her stomach it had left her
feet they made no sound here anymore

what to say when there’s no one left to listen?
what to say when there’s no one left around?


lady took the silence to mean nobody loved her
the light missed all the windows
there could be no sun
and since they all had left her
for school and sports and parties
politics and quivers in the night

she began to speak her longing to the rope
began to speak her longing to the the rope

she said this land he love’s my reclamation
he’ll pay this date out for the crime
and i give my breath out to beloved birds and
this will be the last time he
walks away without me

so she chose the pathway
sloping to the forest
the judgment of the feathers
wrestled in the leaves
so she climbed the cages
to the cooing in the rafters
unfurled tomorrows morning with the slipping left to brave

from there it went so easy
so swift it came undone
as the catch it slips and the rope pulls taut
it all came together with a knot
it all fell together with a knot

she made the morning light for her widower-maker
she swept the afternoon with stories in the papers
she made the night long for the newly motherless child
tomorrow’s motherless child

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