Twenty One Pilots – Routines In The Night Lyrics


Walk the layout, routines in the night,
Some doors have “stay out” spray painted in white,
While all the world’s asleep, I walk around instead,
Through the memories, down the halls of my head.

Here comes a new night but I’ll send it through,
I’ll probably jump on the next one,
I’m testing the limits of what a mind can do,
I’m keeping my eyelids up no matter what.
So beautiful, the space between,
A painful reminder and a terrible dream,
I’ve been here before and I’ve got time,

I’ll give you the tour, show you why I…
Reoccurring, keeps coming around,
REM cycle skip, night psycho trip,
It’s reassuring you keep coming around,
It’s tough to find good company,
Reoccurring, days blurring,
I’m still learning what this is,
Just keep me company.

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