Twenty One Pilots – Navigating Lyrics


My, oh my.
Don’t know how long it’s been…

My, oh my,
I can’t seem to turn the page
This haze around my face
Makes me feel all alone.
I know you see me standing still,
But when our fingers touch I feel
My way back home.

Pardon my delay,
I’m navigating. I’m navigating my head
I’m navigating. I’m navigating my head.
Give me some advice,
I am wasting all this time.
My, oh my…


Don’t know how long it’s been.

My, oh my,
How things change so rapidly.
I find my self-esteem
Then turn so cold.

Don’t know how long it’s been
Since I responded to your question.
If you really want to know what I’m thinking-
Kind of feels like everybody leaves,
Feeling the reality that everybody leaves.
My dad just lost his mom, I think that everybody leaves
And now I’m trying to hold on to you
’cause everybody leaves.

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