Touchline – Tell A Friend Lyrics


(Uh huh)
This is rap, par excellence
Suave gentlemen
Make it look all effortless
Star elements
I’m the one, that ya’ll reference
Talk wreck-a-less and I turn to a Arch-Nemesis
There’s hard evidence
Provin’ that we far better than, ya’ll veterans

God’s pennin’ it, dawg, heaven sent
Bar specialist
Raw medicine more benefits
Me and Touch could rap circles around ten of ’em
Mad talent, Black magic, all melanin
That fabric is called Elegance
Naw, let’s talk preference

Top 5 lyricists
Streets ain’t buyin’ what y’all sellin’ em
We ain’t bias but y’all peddlin’ lies for more relevance
Why? Manipulation and mind control
Then again? (Uh)
What’s a list to Legend in the makin’
The greatest of all time conversation
Tell a friend


[Verse 2: Touchline]
Yeah, what you cav’ about it?
I only keep people that I love around me
High school I did History, should’ve done Accounting
Would’ve known what the right thing to do with this amount is
Yeah, I can’t spend it reckless
Can’t smash her if she’s not good at 30 Seconds
How’s my kid gonna be if the mother clearly missed life’s early lessons?
I’m rough around the edges
My hit-list is endless

Me and rap are co-dependent
Speak dirt on Trilly’s name, I wouldn’t recommend it
That’s how careers ended
In fact, a nigga that doesn’t have a career wants to go against me, I can’t even be offended, hah
Yeah we all know – You can’t go to Bree street and walk slow
Came a long way from free gigs in Voslo
Came a long way from Kingsley and go-slows
You can’t eat with us
Ipapa laba ngaka, ya sibuya ekasi

Had a bird give me stress and I couldn’t trust
Now that bird is an ex thanks to Elon Musk
Twitter logo changed
The same way I had the rap game rearranged
I’m just gonna let the racks get me a Range
Perhaps I need a vape
‘Cause I want all the smoke and that hubbly bubbly stuff is too-
Is too childish for my age
But I do smoke rappers for a living
Tembisa born and bred, two slice of Blue Ribbon

My favourite days are when I’m sandwiched by two women
Small boy let me see ID
You’ve always wanted to be like me
I’m not giving you my tens, if we’re gonna chat anywhere let it be IG
I’m way too B-I-G for you to have access to a G like me, yeah
If ever you’re in a league it’s second tier, you need a new career
Baby girl I go deep and I told you that my bloody submarine won’t disappear, yeah
Won’t you agree I’m so ahead of my time, I went and got my degree in second year
Me and Trilly the reason for you fears, hah
Yeah tell a friend

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