Skrapz – Rocking Chair Lyrics


Imagine if the whole of us were free
I’m pissed that all my niggas didn’t even get to see
It’s killing me inside but I gotta keep it G
And secretly I know that I’m addicted to the weed
It’s got me vibrating on a higher frequency
Or maybe that’s just me, I got this ting down to a T
Plus I got this ting down on her knees
Had to rare her in her head cah she hurt me with her teeth
I owe it all to God, you can’t question my belief

Fuck the industry, we’re platinum in these streets
We been killing them for years, don’t believe, I got receipts
And I ain’t gonna stop until the mission is complete
I’m getting to the money, go to sleep and then repeat
I got a whole heap of money to retrieve
And I got way more tings I need to achieve
I bet you never know I had tricks up my sleeve
I turn this bitch up about sixty degrees
They thought I’d fall off, nigga please
And I don’t wanna have to make the MAC trigger squeeze
The scene ain’t prepared for this album release

And I don’t even care what position that it reaches
As long as all the gangsters have got it in their speakers
As long as all the fly chicks have got it on their playlists
I used to see the night shift turn into the day shift
My 5110 Nokia was changing faces
Them times you niggas couldn’t even tie your laces
And these are little niggas that they try and compare man with
The other day I had to ask Nina “How dare they?”
My baby’s upset cah she had a bad hair day
I hear say them niggas broke but that’s just hearsay
But I don’t even care, do it in a mask and then I say I shot him there
Made it out the mud, I’m tryna live to see a rocking chair


I thought I knew that bitch
I ain’t on the block fam, I outgrew that shit
I stopped feeding all these lazy niggas
I ain’t entertaining it if it ain’t making figures
Look at my neck, there ain’t a cloud in sight
We outside, tell them hoes it’s going down tonight
I’m a legend on the scene
I get mills off of rap and it’s less than a penny off a stream
Ice City going platinum when I write a caption
Caught a case but I’ll beat it like Michael Jackson
Told my niggas “One day I’ll make a million pound”

Half of them were dropped out, half are still around
I watched my niggas fiend off of drinking lean
Like fuck that codeine, get back on your deen
I got some nice watches plotted in the safe
They wanna run off on the plug, I’d rather rob him to his face
If I had a penny for every kilo that I flipped
Playing Money Up, was like a casino on the strip
This how being paid feels?
Comes like I made mills just to pay bills
Too much broke bitches calling niggas broke

And too much niggas acting like bitches, it’s a joke
Driving with my weapon, I ain’t fighting, this ain’t Tekken
Either line him up or chef him, I’ve been grinding every second
Only God can judge me, there ain’t a nigga that I fear
For about three seasons, I was driller of the year
Used to wear my guy’s coats, now the gang’s all fresh
I ain’t an ordinary nigga, I’m the man in North West
You might as well chill at that age
Grown men out here trapping for minimum wage
It’s mad, I miss getting bud paper
But these rap cheques are much safer
It’s Nines

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