Skrapz – Motivational Speech Lyrics


They say you have to trust the process
You ain’t made it yet but you’re making progress
Don’t stress, put your trust in God, He knows best
Keep your cards close to your chest
Don’t let anybody know your next step
Cause not everybody’s wishing you the best
Not everybody’s got your best interests at heart
You gotta roll the dice but before you make your move
Remember it’s a game and you gotta play it smart
And you gotta think ahead
Sometimes you gotta take a sec so you can hold amends
So you can take accountability with no regrets
And never let the opposition know what to expect
Fuck them other niggas anyways, they ain’t a threat
Focus every day on the place you’re tryna get to
Nothing can’t stop you from living presidential
It ain’t just gonna come to you though, you gotta go for it
They say they’re in the game but they got nothing to show for it

[George the Poet:]
Darg, one thing I know for a fact, you’re gonna have to fight
You have to eat even when you got no appetite
Having vision ain’t enough, you gotta pattern right
And mind them grey areas too cause it ain’t black and white
Wanna feel satisfied when you look back on life? G you gotta strategise
And choose carefully what you wanna amplify
And know certain habits have to die

You gotta keep your head up
You gotta keep going even when you’re getting fed up
You gotta give thanks in the morning when you get up
Times get hard but they always get better
Just remember nothing don’t last forever
You gotta stay focused on the prize
You gotta be solid to survive
I met some broke niggas in my time that have given up on life
Dunno why when the limit is the sky
It’s like they limited their mind
They’re throwing in the towel when they didn’t even fight
They’re hanging up their boots when they wasn’t even tied
When they was on the runway, they didn’t take flight
Fuck them broke niggas anyway, they’ll be alright
Just remember that you’ve always got a choice
And remember that you’ve always got a voice
From the day I left school, I always knew that I’d be self-employed
So I started planting seeds in the soil


[Terrell the Artist:]
If at first you don’t succeed, you need to try again
Now it’s important you believe and you find the strength
Sometimes our freshest start comes from our darkest end
And rather then pour my heart to side just to bleed my pen
Always been a go-getter, told to quit, no never
When people try to kill your dreams, don’t stop and do better
Keep pushing through the dark times, a good brain beats a bad mind
And brighten up your mother’s day cause she gets to see her son shine

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