ScHoolboy Q – Time killers Lyrics


Oh yeah
Wake up, I’m on the night shift, don’t do me wrong
Pull up, I need my sidekick, come get me on
On, on, turn me on
Slow down, follow the process, I’m in the zone
One umbrella, two pairs come, you play your rose
Euros, really I’m out here, I’m in the pros
Black man made it the hard way, he think he hov
So mad looking at my shit, it could be yours

911 fuck a black folk, I got the Porsche
Two time felon, behind that gate, it’s a resort
Gotta watch for these devils that see your shit and get controlled
Careful on that road
Dumb little nigga getting loaned what he owe
While I’m doing what he don’t, till then free the locs
Another rapper term joke, another soul sold
Nigga, please let it go

God bless dead moot from the past
Nine million all, cash
This like my overtime flex
Nigga ballin’
Fuck, she satisfied, yes


Break it off the side
No secret, I’m on a roll
They played y’all, not with us, do what you told
Money do cartwheels, backflip them gold
I don’t take advice from niggas with no hoes
Nigga, you talk so much, use the ho
I live rent free, boy, y’all controlled
I need four commas, one in front zeroes
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh

Wake up, hop about the phone booth, I’m on the way
Grew up on Figueroa street, I saw the blade
Lil’ ol’ scrawny nigga fasho was catching fades
Raised by all women and still I never cave
Took it three times, extended from greatness I displayed
Home of the brave, ran by the slaves
Stole everybody name so white Jesus on the chain
I feel proud when it hangs
Tried to hide from the fame and still came with a bang

I’m a fig, nigga, turned the black cloud to a flame
I’m a big bully, stomach full, mouth full of paint
It was God-given, little nigga took it too far
I’m a lone star, street smart and I’m book smart
That’s a dope part, oh yeah
Look at my report card, boy
We supposed to hit the four yard, a man supposed to have scars
Nigga, it ain’t that hard
Went from grooving into NASCAR to hoover street, I’m Mozart
Boy, living on the postcard
Smooth steering for the hard r, fuck y’all
My niggas

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