ScHoolboy Q – Love Birds Lyrics


Ooooo Hooo
YeaH yeaH
Girl I accnowledge tHat
I mistreated you
Need at least bout 300 tHat’s wHat got me Here

THen I’m fresH in fresH out just like my magic years
Better rinse out your moutH and get your Homie pierced
Got a House full of wHores no niggas Here
Got a nascar get floored I’m an engineer
Got a spacesHip go orb ain’t no lemon Here
Heard tHat new sHit was bore nigga disappear
THink I need a time out
THink its titty time now
Bring tHem pretty wHites down
In my city rigHt now Lemme find out
Lemme find out

Imma give ya wHole new scene
Get a wHole new team
Get you a wHole new ring
Get you a wHole new tHeme
I’m really as cool as I seem
I’m good witH tHe Hook I keep
I’m good witH tHe book RaHim
I’m a grown ass man no jeans
Gotta brand new bitcH new tHing
Gotta necc full of purp no lean
Gotta bacc full of Hurt I dream
For tHe judge don’t do it just free ‘em
Ooooo Hooo
YeaH yeaH


Girl I accnowledge tHat
I mistreated you
Life get 10 Harder tHan my dicc inside you bitcH
Said fucc tHe radio we tryna sound like tHis
NBA money we don’t need your Air Jordans
WasHed up aestHetic we just waiting for tHe end
Jesus forgive ‘em for tHey motHafuccin’ sins
I’m just tryna stay up in tHe baccground like ad-libs
Hoes in tHe lobby tHey just want to better live
I bust a bitcH sHe gonna swallow all tHese kids
But sHe said my dicc so pretty

And sHe got gang cHeeks like Lizzy
Man tHe life I live to risky
But just tap in in my city
In tHe batHroom need tHat quiccy
But its only if you miss me
But if not it ain’t no biggie
Gotta sHow me tHat you witH me
I sHow myself tHe world again
I sHow myself tHe world again
I sHow myself to god again
I sHow myself tHe world again
SHow yourself tHe world again
Girl I accnowledge tHat
I mistreated you

Wrong wrong wrong
Hey I was wrong make it up to you
Left along gave me time I grew
Lingered in my mind all day
Loving you all kinda ways
Girl I accnowledge tHat
I mistreated you
Hey girl I got your bacc
As tHey putting our song on
YeaH one two mic cHecc
Temptation girl got tHe best of me
Come in Here you my destiny
Flirting girls all next to me

Trying my best
I admit
I was wrong wHat more to say
Feeling bad all kinda ways
Make it up baby picc tHe pHone
Coming Home come
Girl I accnowledge tHat
I mistreated you wrong
Know I accnowledge tHat
Treated you wrong
Hey I accnowledge tHat
Did you wrong
Hey girl tHat’s wHy I loved Her
Ya ya
Hey girl I swear I accnowledge tHa

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