Yeah, Saweetie got a bag right
I feel like I was Cleopatra in my past life
People tried to count me out, clearly couldn’t add right
I might not know everything but, bitch, I know that’s right
Clique of bad bitches with me, it’s gon’ be a good night
My niggas ain’t in movies but they always seem to act right
Turn a grown man to a baby with this night night
He gon’ make me call a plumber if he got that bad pipe (A’ight)

(I) I’ma break the internet this week
(C) See, these bitches ain’t fuckin’ with me
(Y) Why you bitches always in my business?
(Icy) The type of bad bitch you never killin’, never
I mix that yak with kombucha
Got good karma and good Kama Sutra
Photographers, all up in my face, loving me
Binoculars, Imm lookin’ all around for who can fuck with me

Tie my shoes up, I’m goin’ on a run
I could pull your nigga with no makeup and a bun
My gay homeboys said, “Bitch, don’t leave no crumbs”
Wait, I think I heard something
Oh it’s just them bitches at the bottom who ain’t worth nothin’ (Huh)
I can’t hear nothin’, sittin’ pretty at the top (Top)
Get my phone (Brrr), yeah, time to call the shots (Shots)


My residency poppin’, pre-gamin’ out in Vegas (Mwah)
At the Usher show, singin’, “There goes my baby” (Baby, ha-ha)
Two thousand, that’s what’s worth these nails
A bitch paid for fake reports on my first week sales
I just got a jumbo, double flap, bag from Chanel
And I’m grade A, but haters wanna see me fail
It’s in me, not on me, I’m married to the game
For real, huh, but, fuck it, let me take my time
Like the DMV, I make you niggas wait in line
Look at my vibe and my spirit, ain’t no takin’ mine (Nope)

Made millions and I still got plenty more to make
I got the whole fuckin’ world on my shoulder blades
My last EP was like you hoes, just a throwaway
I took shit over before it’s time to run it back
If it’s a race around these hoes, shit, I’m runnin’ laps
Got a new condo on London, and got London on the Track
Ayy, yeah, I’m poppin’ big shit
And ’bout my business, investin’ all these riches
But I need a foot massage, I’m tired of stepping on you bitches, for real
And I’m back full throttle

I know y’ll bitches wish I would go model but, damn
Girl, the mood board is back
I know y’all glam teams miss me
I ain’t even mad
Copy and paste, hoe
I’m the inspiration
Pretty Bitch Music
Mwah (Pretty Bitch Music)

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