Ren – Halftime Nas Retake Lyrics


Let loose in the booth and I came to introduce the
High proof juice like a flaming sambuca
Halftime 3-point hoop, hallelujah
Abused oblongata and I severed a medulla
‘Cause rap without Ren is like a skull without a brain, dude
Or like a- with no one to complain to
Hockey without ice or China without rice
The Bible without Christ, vindaloo with no spice

Playing snakes and ladders with no dice
Day without night, like Mike without an earlobe bite
I keep it tight, left-right, fake, dodge and evade
An uppercut, fuck ’em up in any various ways
Nеfarious gaze moving through precarious days
When wе’re moving through the bubble troubled air in my veins
Librarian brain, pull up a barbarian slang
Performing like I’m global warming, music making it rain
I’m pimpin’ my pain, prostitute of all that’s insane
Put my problems on the paper and the sales will raise

The sails will rise, pirate with a patch on his eye
Get ya hooked up on the music sailor, aye, aye, aye
It’s like rats to the music when I’m feedin ’em pied
It’s Pyrex, can’t relax, I’m the waviest guy
Like yo, rats bring the bubonic flow
Move the tectonic plates when I step to the show
So cold, I know a couple people don’t fuck with it
They can just suck on it, zip it, then go, thanks, bro
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, I’m shining like a diamond though
When pressure makes a rhyming diamond, this was by design, ya know
An isotope, a proton and a neutron in the nuclei


And split an atom in a fraction, a reaction supersize
Me and I supersize my order
Fries on the side, I’m a big whopping author
Big Mac, rest in peace, B.I.G, rest in peace, Mac
Rest in peace, Pac, rest in peace, Peep, rest in peace, rap
We lose all the greats like that
So put respect upon they names while they still intact
That’s why I rap upon this beat that was deep for Nas
I might never reach the level, I’ll salute with bars
I’m coming and bringing the DP and when they are singing the bees knees

What a ridiculous MC sound so meticulous, repeat
When I am spitting improperly, proper biology
No one can follow me, what an anomaly
Sick shit and quick wit makes girls wet and dicks stiff
I’m so tongue-in-cheek with my tongue in your cheek
I never sleep ’cause death is the cousin of sleep
I never rest ’cause sleep is the cousin of death
So save your breath, stop the tape, press pause, and eject

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