Meek Mill – Times Like This Lyrics


Times like this you need somebody tellin you the truth

Oh what a feelin tryna count up twenty million in a villa on a island
With some bitches while they wildin, we throw twitches on them glitches
When they fthhhh
Moment of silence niggas hungry we the riches
Only choice is result to violence we got scorch them if they try us
Flame niggas yea I rap but Imma shooter too
Like dame lilard I seen money change niggas like four quarters in the fourth quarter
I ain’t change with them I fought harder had went Jordan
Caught charges couldn’t even sweat me down I got book smarter
Now the planes private like the finsta when we book charter
Look harder you will see the clarity in the stones
I’m back outside wacking killer’s doing charity when I’m home
Had to check to see if they miss me thought they was happy when I was gone
Playing shiesty with these bitches I know exactly what they on
Gave my dawg life I’m wishing I could grab him through the phone
Because I knowing how he feel back when they had me there alone
I’m on there chopper me and Rubin and I’m exactly where I belong
Came up trappin off the phone these niggas wasn’t happy I was home
You ever make a bad decision niggas happy that you wrong
I use to pray for times like this you can’t even imagine what I be on nigga

(Times like this you need somebody tellin you the truth)
Tell ’em


I wish I could of talked to B before he made his move
I’m knowing if he talked to me he would’ve played it cool
I taught you how to respect the game
How you break the rules, you really broke so many hearts I barely could be in the dark
Because I see ghosts in the room, you ever feel a feelin oooh
When you lose your dog and now your heart feel like a inner tube
This right at the part whenever I talk it feel like a interlude
They askin when I drop, I don’t want to do no interviews
I don’t want talk rap shit my dog in the casket
And the ones I call day ones ain’t all really tapped in
And hoes I thought that won ain’t all really that lit
Because the bros they had got they cake up I already had it I
I already had it I forgot I did
Doing everything for everyone almost forgot to live
Tryna keep it humble around a hater I almost forgot I’m big
Now I don’t give a fuck who go against me now that I got them Ms

I had to put life on the line for this shit
Tell me about it
If you ain’t in it with me don’t try to spend it with me

Because you know how I get I go a thousand nights about them millions
On god
You niggas talk about practice

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