It’s a cold Sunday to complain
I hold it in until it rain
I fought demons after fame
I spent millions on terrain
I treat my bitch just like Diana
Pretty princess, hold the Fanta

2003 Dolce Gabbana jeans make her ass look fatter
We gon’ catch him outside, he don’t got no money for the backup
I ran thirty million in the ground, baby, now I’m back up
She a city girl, I’m the real reason that she act up (Mmh)
She talk back, I make her pack up, send her home on Spirit
Something in my spirit made me not believe I feared (Mmh)

I know bitches parrots so I’m watchin’ how I’m speakin’
Single but I’m creepin’, my main bitch don’t need a headache (Ouu)
Half a mill on Maybach, tires flat, I never drive ’em (Mmh)
Pretty hoes need stylin’, Balenci’ shopping got ’em wildin’
Tweakin’ out on Collins, in my veins, the molly throbbin’ (Geekin’)


Rich as hell, still robbin’, ain’t no love the way I’m rockin’
Bentley color gobblin, forest green, the lane I’m hoggin’ (Spin)
Wrap the P like swallin’, get it through yo’ fuckin’ noggin (Damn)
Money first, I’m always dialed in (Uh, Krrt)
Moneys first, I’m always dialed in, is that a problem? (Go)
I made m’s off a TV like I work for Viacom

Doggy didn’t stay for long, he left when the sirens rung
Flyest niggas with turnt bitches, BD’s in the tightest diamonds
I could’ve put out wild fires, at the house behind barbed wire
Twenty-five but living like I’m fifty with three kids
All these bitches in my biz, five-hundred thousand on my bitch (Uh)
Fuck if you don’t like me
I’ma still get faded more than likely, it’s enticing
I’ll die for my respect

(It’s Us)

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