Lil Kee – Hangin’ Out Tha Window LYRICS


Huh, been through so much shit, don’t know what’s goin’ on
Yeah, so deep in these streets, I gotta make it home
Dyin’ ’bout yo’ love, don’t know where I went wrong
Standin’ on this shit ’cause I’m one of them ones
Posted in the club, ten thousand in ones
Just a young dumb nigga, 2001
Ain’t even got no patience, I don’t even want no relationship, no love
Ain’t doin’ no more waitin’, nigga better get my paper (Oh)

What happened, brodie?
You know… This shit just gettin’ started
Everything I do for my brother
Everything I do for my pops

I got so many racks up in the bag, let’s tag a nigga
On yo’ block with all these mags, wе tryna bag a nigga
My fifty-round jammed up, hope they don’t smash a nigga
I still got lovе for lil’ JD ’cause he still clashin’ with me
I still got love for lil’ JD ’cause we start hittin’ licks
Seventh grade, we had a play and it was four a zip
Plug call my phone like he in route, he almost here
Started loadin’ guns, this shit go left, nigga, get killed
I gave all my money out and now it’s no one here


Put my life inside yo’ hand, you prolly never will help
Did a lot of shit myself, I can’t even blame no one else
Took so many fuckin’ pills, feel like I’m killin’ myself
All my loved ones in Heaven, I know God with them
Quise told me to keep my gun, watch who you ridin’ with
Every time I think ’bout Mar, I just wanna go slide again
Seein’ my momma cry made me wish I had died with him
Don’t tell me lies, bae don’t tell me lies
Don’t tell me lies, bae don’t tell me lies
Look me in my eyes when you tell me lies
Don’t tell me lies, bae don’t tell me lies (5x)

Real nigga, let you see me cry
I don’t fuck with niggas, I could tell you why
Nigga killed my brother, I just wanna slide
Kill, kill, kill, runnin’ through my mind
Drill, drill, drill, runnin’ through my mind
In the field, field, field, all the fuckin’ time
Pop a pill, roll up some za, I’m just gettin fried
Adderall up in my body, I’m not gettin’ tired
Bad bitch, twenty-three, and she real fine

I got blick all in my hand, I ain’t tryna drive
Hurry up, send me the lo’, these niggas waistin’ time
I do everything I can, girl, you know I tried
I don’t want no more new friends, I’m cuttin’ all ties
ManMan here for a hotbox and I hopped in the ride
I let lil’ bro take the wheel when I clutch on my iron
I went bought a car for fun ’cause I can’t even drive

Hangin’ out the window with my fuckin’ iron
I just be hangin’ out the window with my fuckin’ iron
Just be hangin’ out the window with my fuckin’ iron
Hangin’ out the window

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