Lil Bean – goin thru sum thangs Lyrics


(Ayy, Ecko, turn it up)
(Let the beat ride out, Ju)

I’ve been going through some things
I’ve been going through some things
I’ve been going through some things
Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been goin’ through it
They say I don’t never talk, I put it in my music
I wouldn’t tell on the gang, even for immunity
Only thing a real nigga need is opportunity

These little niggas probably sell they soul for a Cuban link
Got it on me, I can’t think twice if it’s you and me
These little niggas love the internet, this all new to me
I guess niggas want a camera roll, my life a movie scene
Have you ever stuffed a hundred thou’ inside your Ksubi jeans?
Before I ever had a bust down, I had a Buddha piece


I told baby this the real thing, not no foolery
These niggas playin’ with they life like this fist the coolest thing
’Til a skull crack
That’s the thing, once it’s gone, can’t get a skull back
These niggas’d still praise a nigga if he a known—
Hell nah, boy, you know we don’t condone that
Did a lot of shit to live this lifestyle
Everything is from the heart, don’t gotta write it down
Some niggas, they my day-ones, but they not around

But this shit gon’ be the same, yeah
Mama raised a king, trenches raised a soldier
Was a young nigga, now I’m gettin’ older
Mama raised a king like De’Aaron Fox
I know I gotta live a little, niggas die a lot
Frame only be so big, niggas gettin’ cropped
Pops never had a never grill, ma was for the rocks
Servin’ hand-in-hands
Gotta lubricate the Glock so it never jam

I heard the penitentiary bars turn you to a man
I heard you take the right chance, it turn you to a champ
My nigga called me in a suit, but he in the can
He said, “I’m going through some things you wouldn’t understand”
Same nigga say he shoot, he’ll take the stand
Same niggas say it’s up be your biggest fans
Ain’t that the truth? Ha
Pullin’ up in muscle cars and exotic whips

I know I’m a young nigga, but I seen a lot of shit
She gon’ suck a nigga harder when she see that ice hit
I’ma do it for my dogs like that nigga Mike Vic
Man, this shit is watered down, I can feel it crumbling
I’ma get it out the mud, I’ma get it hustlin’
Nigga, I don’t ride the bus, but I’m still bustin’
Nigga, I’ma stay down, keep that shit a hundred

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