Kevin Gates – Ceremony LYRICS


Wanna welcome everybody out to the ceremony (Soy tu medicina)
Real medicine music (I’m feelin’ good, I’m feelin’ great)
Millz let it breathe (It’s alright, raisin’ our vibrations high in the air)
Everyone come around, come on, start that bitch over (It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s okay)
On this holy, divine day I hereby release all of the things that no longer serve my highest self (It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s okay)
I’m him

Understanding [?] of myself taught me how to have a greater ?
Men greeting men, how to show respect, eye contact, anywhere you’re standin’ (All well)
As-salamu alaykum (Wa alaykumu as-salam)
He extend his hand, you extend your hand, only when you’re standin’
Upright, independent, fearless [?] prostratin’ when you’re prayin’ (All well)
Militant posture when you’re demonstratin’
Minimize conversation, you ain’t playin’ (Uh-uh)
Irrelevant conduct, not entertainin’
Anybody’s business, I am not partakin’
Any situation, bring it to the table
I was taught to handle business like a gangster (Grr)
Said this before, plain-Jane Rollie, new Range Rover, Bentley lane changin’ (Vroom)
Spiritually inclined, real game-changin’ (Nyoom), everyone who spoke ain’t maintainin’ (Huh?)
Kevin Gates quotes got my name ringing (Woo), big diamond on my pinky ring finger (Bling-blaow)
I ain’t goin’ broke, whole-thing slinger, [?] diamond tennis chain blingin’ (Bling, bling, blaow)
My intent never was to be famous, in the whip, who gon’ tell me I ain’t made it? (Bling, bling, blaow)

He who has seen me has seen God
Ay, who gon’ tell me I ain’t made it?
Livin’ legend when my feet hit the pavement, mm
Now who gon’ say I ain’t amazin’?


Purpose-driven, I’m developin’ riches (Focused)
Pleasure-driven, you develop addictions (Hopeless)
Made a vow, I’ma stand on my pivot
Tokyo, I ain’t doin’ no driftin’ (Woo)
Where attention goes energy flows
Bein’ careful where you place your intention (Wyoom)
Manifestation, my semen rentention bring anything that I want into fruition (Grr)
Elevatin’ in rank and my dick is not friendly, I will not be distracted by women (Uh-uh)
In they feelings when I made my decision, got out on compliance, got placed on restriction
Outsiders tryin’ to blemish my image but I don’t respond, my jacket official (Timeout)

Family members started goin’ against it, deep in they soul they know that they miss it
No pump-fakin’, ownin’ my vision (Uh-uh), a man fall in love when he meet his mission (I’m in love)
‘Bout a high-power, talented, gifted, without detection (Allahu akbar), angels exited swiftly (Woo)
No [?] form to prosper against me, [?], I’m surrounded by many (Allahu akbar)
High-frequency in places I enter, step in the room, everythin’ go to glitchin’ (Brr)
I’m up here, don’t see no competition
Safe to say that I’m recyclin’ scriptures
Leadership potential, I’m a big leader
I’m a shot caller, real big speaker
Blessed by the chiefs, real big eagle (Uh-huh)
Flyin’ overseas, meetin’ big people
Super general, go get you some merch
Rollin’ round with Millz, go get you some merch (Waa)
Make you disappear, now you just some merch
What you mean by that? Put you on a shirt

Come today, put this in your purse
Out of state, wanna get some work
[?] purchase you a burse
Can’t sleep, told my team I ain’t finish
Pretty feathers in my hair representin’
Abuelita, thank you godmother
Abuelito, thank you strict father
Reportin’ live, I’m the godfather
That’s him

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