Kevin Gates – Broken Men LYRICS


I’m just ready for you to get me over with, you heard me
Man what you tryna be this time man
Yeah don’t torture me man get me over with quick so I can start my healing process

What you trying to be this time (I’m tired)
I’m speaking from the heart I speak for me this time
Having pity disagreements up and grieving
Trouble sleeping, delusion of thinking
Wanna try man is tired of being
Unappreciated and weak and his self-esteem
Can’t be vulnerable with nobody they view it as a weakness (They do)
Manipulation tactic mad they come and get repeated (Damn)
Broke me to my knees inside it made me feel depleted
Tears falling while I’m seated

At my daughter birthday party I was contemplating leaving
Looking at my son like this will be the last time he going to see me
Suicidal thinking
Heart so heavy in my chest that it get difficult when breathing
Sacrifice at all to see you smile but you don’t see it
Great man seeking y’all approval
Doing everything you can could get confusing
Told me you had other options hardest pill I had to swallow
Sucked it up and I got [?] do to take care of my children
And you, I need you to choose i


I don’t make you happy? that’s what make you happy, bae go do it
Don’t just talk it as a bitch me I stand on nation business (Always)
What I utter with my lips then all my actions got to prove it
Safe decision with a hooper not a hater I saluted
In the field for real I ball and run with different type of shooters
Difference is if he get injured he switch teams ride the bitch
Difference is if I get injured I’mma go behind the fence

Bullets grr got me leaking got Swiss cheese inside the whip
I’m not a gang member, I’m a good father to my mini me’s
With great power ways come with great responsibility
A gangster and a gentleman got many men
They won’t let me a penny but a kill for me
High percentage shots I pass the rock and they gone kill for me
The utter man slaughter I get that order they going to kill for me

Man, man, big brother when I was standing over that bitch made the [?]
The sparks was hitting up on my wrist man they burning all my wrist up hitting up off the concrete dick
You know them the kind of conversations out here you know I’m trying to guide these little dudes the right way you heard me, you know what I’m saying
See here’s the difference when you in a position of power you know ’cause anything these do is a reflection of me
You know the headache when it come with governing killers man you really governing killers
They don’t know how to how to solve problems they don’t know how to communicate all they know is drill

I done found somebody that love me (For real)
You said that if I leave I wouldn’t be shit
You said my fans will stop supporting me if they found out that we split (Shit)
Say everything around me would fall apart if you not in the mix (Why would you say that)
Up and rank three cribs, a condo I supply my team with whips (Turn up)
OG Boo Dirty hit they and save focused on his kids
You ever want to get back in it load gone go to Memphis 10
Off white brick step in the kitchen like Ja Morant jump out the gym
Biggest comeback story ever for world is full of broken men
They doubted me undoubtedly I’m cut must ain’t know who I am
Dealership we did our I made my click pull up in rams

Check the work I’ll take my shirt off next year we pull up in Lambs
Adversity build character as I became a greater man
I’m proud of me my name respect it heavy everywhere I stand
Take my last name off your name let’s see how quick it start a [?]
Turn back up with shorty, blew a bag and she ain’t even dance
Put my arms over her head and move that ass without no hands (Mesmerized by her sexy eyes)
Put my arms over her head and move that ass without no hands (Mesmerized by the way you wind on me)
Put my arms over her head and move that ass without no hands

Hey thank you for not believing in me (Yes Lord)
Anybody listening right now don’t never let nobody opinion of you determine your self worth
You better turn around so you can see what you turning down (Right quick)
Talk about I’ll never find another you. Well God gonna bless me with something better
Remember, I’m the one who got your weather together, believe that
She got my name on her thigh her back and her chest, like I’m impressed

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