KB Mike – Where Did I Go Wrong Lyrics


She packing her shit again
And as many times as i fucked up this time the end
And as much shit as i put her thru this the worst i did
And as many times as i lied to her so much shit i hid

She like boy you got me fucked up
All the shit i did for you
You then stuck yo dick in another bitch boy tell me this aint true
I never seen this side of you

Cause You then did some shit that i wouldnt ever do
That i wouldnt ever do


She like where i go wrong
After i gave you everything i made this house a home
And i know that i aint perfect i been trying though
You Said you wouldnt hurt me like my ex and then you hurt me more
I actually trusted you

Sad thing that she right
And this the way i pay her back like damn i know that shit aint right
this the worst i ever hurt her 2nd time i seen her cry

1st time is when she told me all the shit her daddy did
Then she told me im just like him i aint shit

Bae im sorry this wasnt meant
I shouldnt got caught up with that bitch
I shouldnt got caught up in this shit
Yeah i fucked up bae i admit

But im done with the excuses
You gave me trust and i abused it
You Gave me love and ian use it
Too busy just being foolish
Just gimme another chance

Just gimme another chance
This shit wasnt part of the plan

Just gimme another chance
Wont fuck up ever again

But as many times i hurt her she say this time no coming back

She packed the rest of all her clothes told me she love me then she left

I let my ways break up my home
Now im left here all alone
I didnt realize what i had until i didnt and now its gone


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