KB Mike – I Want Love Lyrics


See, I want love
See, I want love
See, I want love
See, I want love

See, I want love, and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the fake kind
I’m talkin’ ’bout the love you can feel in yo’ heart
Not talkin’ ’bout the one that you gotta go find
See, I’m talkin’ ’bout the one that come naturally, not talkin’ sexually
Talkin’ ’bout the love you can feel even when you ain’t next to me
I’m tryna get to know you intellectually

See, I want love
I wanna know how it feel
‘Cause I then been heartbroken so many times
That I’on think that love real
See, I hate being alone but I’m just tryna heal
Everybody talkin’ ’bout love
So I wanna see what’s the deal
I wanna see if this word called love is actually real


See, I want love, but what is the meaning?
‘Cause everybody saying that they up in love you, but who actually mean it?
I be overthinkin’, my heart start sinkin’, will I ever find love?
Do I even need it? Guess, I won’t know, I’m just tryna move on

I’m just tryna let go, I get hurt ’cause I got a good heart
Finding somebody real is so hard
Finding somebody accept you for all of yo’ scars
For all the bad and the flaws
I’on know if that shit ever be
If love it real, it ain’t happen to me
Fuck love, it just ain’t meant for me
I gave it my all and that shit broke my peace

See, I’on want love, ’cause that shit it be fake
‘Cause they tell you they love, they tell you they fuck with you, but they lie to yo’ face
And the promises break and the love that y’all had, it just turn into hate
And they turn into snakes, and you thought it was only you, then you just get replaced

See, I’on want love, ’cause that shit leave you hurt
Leave yo’ heart in the dirt, make you feel like yo’ heart don’t een work
Tell them that you got a broken heart, they make it worst
But still you see good in ’em
You only see what all you should in ’em
You think it get better
But the hurt last forever

See, I’on want love
See, I’on want love
See, I’on want love
See, I’on want love
‘Cause it turn into hate
‘Cause the shit be so fake

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