Joyner Lucas – Three Little Pigs Lyrics


You know you supposed to be sleep, right?
And you too old for these bedtime stories too
But aight, I’ma read you a story
But you gotta make a deal with me though
After I read you this, you goin’ to bed
That’s the deal, alright
So this story right here
Is called the Three Little Pigs

Said there were Three Little Pigs, they was all grown up
And they were drinkin’ some hot coffee, and eatin’ donuts
It was a beautiful sunny day
Some real perfect weather, and the pigs was dressed the same
‘Cause they all worked together
And their job ain’t really easy, and their work is kinda scary
So they all got water guns, that’s their favorite thing to carry
And they’ll scorch you more than once, if they think it’s necessary
But we’ll talk about that later, let’s get back to the story
Deep inside the forest was a family of wolves in a pack
Even though they had sharp teeth and they were black
Ain’t really mean that they’ll attack
Just means that they were trapped
Because the color of their fur made some believe that they was bad, now

I know that sounds sad but ain’t nodody care ’cause
The problem with the wolves is they were never treated fair and
No matter where they go, only one thing is clear
That as long as you’re a wolf, the pigs gon’ be scared so
The forest and the town were separated
And if the wolves wanted to come around, they hesitated
‘Cause they knew they wasn’t welcomed there, so every they roamed
They always said a prayer in hopes that they could make it home
The night was gettin’ cold and all the food was runnin’ low


And then right here is a picture of some pots on the stove
Some empty cabinets, some old bread with the mold (Let me flip the page real quick)
Then one of the wolf said they gon’ drive up to the store
And so we hopped inside his car, and before he cranked the key
He put his seatbelt on and buckled up to be as safe can be
Followed every traffic rule on the way from A to Z
And then he went to—, man, let me—, let me skip to the good part
So after he bought some groceries and he was done for good
And he put the food inside in trunk as fast as he could

Then he started drivin’ perfectly and headed towards the woods
Until he seen the pigs’ car and knew this probably wasn’t good
The pigs on the prowl started speedin’ up and yellin’ loud, “Pull over right now’
“Turn the car off and throw the keys on the ground”
“Then step out, and get on your knees and don’t even make a sound”
The wolf said, “Wow” (Wow)
“How is this allowed?
I got my license, registration, why you tryna take me down?”
And he was real scared ’cause he knew what the pigs about
So he refused to get out and started speedin’ to house
Then he pulled up, hopped out, almost fell down

But ran inside the front door, that’s when he locked the pigs out
Then the pigs screamed loud, “Get up out this house now or I’ma huff, I’m puff, I’ma blow this house down” (Down)
And now they got the house surrounded
Pointin’ all their water guns, ’bout to shoot some water rounds
Kicked the door down and all they heard was water sounds
That’s what happens when the pigs fear you
So here’s the moral, what a story, what a clear view
No matter who you with, or where you’re at, or where to
There’s always gon’ be Three Little Pigs livin’ near you

Good night, buddy

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