Joyner Lucas – Still Alright Lyrics


[Joyner Lucas:]
Tell me what do you see when you look in my eyes? (Yeah)
Got a lot on my mind
Hopin’ I never be goin’ out of my mind
Been tryna control when I grow out of my prime
I thought I was ready, it really wasn’t my time, I know
I live in my head
I said I’d be rich and I did what I did
But I don’t do this shit for me, I do this shit for my kids
I teach ’em how to go and get it when they ready to leave
I’m tired of livin’ up in hell when I know heaven is free
And nothin’ really more important than protectin’ the peace
I wanna teach ’em how to grow up and be better than me
When I was chasin’ all the paper, with no second to breathe
And I tell myself to never give up and accept no defeat

My premonitions already written in definitely
But I never listen, I know my vision and never could see
And truthfully, I wasn’t even supposed to make it this far (Ayy)
I take it this far
I know that God got me, I’m thankin’ him for (Yeah)
Soon as I get it, then I’ll be payin’ him for it
You know you made it when all the haters support (Haters support)
The haters support (Yeah)
Joyner been workin’ and I ain’t takin’ no shorts
When they tell me be humble, then I’ma take in too far
Shit, I used to feel like Will, now I’m feelin’ like uh
Made mistakes, can’t get it right, yeah
Niggas can’t stand me, I’m livin’ like ooh
Tryna win the Grammy like killin’ my, uh
I’m a underdog like Killer Mike, yeah
Took a lot of Ls tryna win the fight, ooh

Got back up, I’m still alright, yeah
I be alright, I’m still alright, yeah
And I don’t really care ’bout nothin’ except for keepin’ my legacy
Hopin’ I be livin’ long enough to sleep with the enemy
Had to take a shot for every nigga tryna get rid of me
I should take a look inside of my soul and see what they did to me
I got a fire inside me and it’s sleepin’ within me
When I look inside the mirror, all I see is the little me
Wishin’ I could break out but I hope the evil no hinder me
If I overcome it, then I be achievin’ the victory, yeah


What you really want? What it really get?
‘Cause I remember livin’ my life with a [milly?] face
So many gears, I thought I had a million ideas
So I had a fire peace and release nonsense
I do it for the art, not the content
All I really wanted was the acceptance
Now as a man I can vent this
Fuck that endless
Do what you love in this life, don’t let hate in your life

Know they work for a job ’til you eighty
And look back like, “Damn, I really done gave ’em my life”
If I save just one life with this verse, then it’s worth it
If this is your future, you need to reverse it
Ain’t nobody perfect
Man, fuck all that cake, it ain’t worth it
Just take what you buried deep down in the dirt and I know that you heard it
The voice from within, not above
So just do what you love

Ain’t no way I could keep it up feelin’ this feelin’
It’s creepin’ up, tellin’ me I will not be enough
No, wasn’t bein’ me enough
I think I see enough of what I don’t want in my life
Give a damn if it’s right, it’s the reason I write
Need a reason to fight ’cause I need it in sight
With these monsters in sight, it get darker than what I would like
But I know I’m alright

Ain’t nobody you could never know my struggle
As a child, goin’ through shit way harder to blow than out a bubble
And I know lot of trouble before I got to the lyrical ability
The water that was flowin’ out a funnel
Had to channel the aggression and depression
For only a moment when I had to realize rappin’ ain’t it
When there wasn’t no more money from a record deal
I couldn’t get another one, so I was about to quit
Had to get a job
Didn’t wanna be a slob, even though I would rather be spittin’ bars
Then one day, somebody saw me at work and said, “Twista, why are you in here washin’ cars?”

That hurt my heart
That shit tore me apart
So I prayed up to God
That if I ever got another chance at music, I won’t take it granted
I’ma dunk if I get the lob
Rented an AK from Do Or Die
He said, “Come to the studio, I’ll put you on a song”
Start my new gig in the mornin’, but I’ma come after
This is my chance to get back on
Thankful that I was livin’ at my brother’s house, but it weren’t my own
So I’ma finna go in
I walked in the lab and the beat was by Crackster
Title of the song was “Po Pimp”
I said, “Ooh, snap”
I told ’em I’m about to jack

Spittin’ funky like I’m a MAC
I’ma come off so hard on this track
It’s gon’ change my condition and change the way people rap
Might be broke as shit and collectin’ no dough from tips
But be spittin’ more game than a mouth full of poker chips
And I was glad that the world recognize how dope this is
And the prayer was effective
If you stressed and depressed, let this come and soak in your brain
First time that I ever played “Po Pimp” for somebody, I was on the way to work on the train
And I didn’t quit it ’til the record was droppin’
But when I did it, I knew it was right
‘Cause through my prayers and my faith and my words, it get darker than what I would like but I know I’m alright

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