Joyner Lucas – Not Now I’m Busy Lyrics


Don’t tell me that shit didn’t record, man
Man, lets try this again
My name is Joyner Lucas
I’m from Worcester, Massachusetts
And, uh
By this time you get this video, it might be too late
I did something really, really bad, man
I killed somebody tonight, yeah
I did
And I don’t know if I shoulda did it, but
I felt like it was necessary, nah mean?
The person who I killed was the old me (The old me)
Yeah, see
I realized that everything I ever thought I knew about myself was wrong
And I realized that I had to sacrifice who I was
For who I wanna become (Wanna become)
And I when I say, “Not now, I’m busy”
That means I was too busy to face myself (Face myself)

And too busy to face the truth
And the truth is (Truth is)
The old me got tooken advantage of
The old me got fucked over
The old me got beat down
The old me got shit on and spitted on and lied to
And even though I tried to forgive
And force myself to live with the hurt that I hide behind a smile
While the water overflows as I hold my breath
And block my nose in hopes that I do not drown
And in that moment, I realized that I was lost and couldn’t be found

And I needed to heal, I just didn’t know how
So I grabbed that gun and did what had to be done
‘Cause I couldn’t hide, I couldn’t run
I just had to die and every drop of blood
Was for every tear that I ever bottled up, now it’s a flood
So fuck who you thought I was, you piece of shit
The old me says please forgive, but new me says eat a dick
The old me was supposed to give, the new me don’t owe you shit
The old me just don’t exist, so fuck you, you—


[Nefertitti Avani:]
I don’t need emotions, I need endorphins
(Keep it down, keep it down, shh) Oh, woah
Don’t know the pain, that it come with the game
Don’t know the sun gon’ come after the rain
You been turnin’ nothin’ into something
(Keep it down, keep it down, shh)
Ain’t fuckin’ helpful, to be real with ya
All I hear is interruptions

Baby, not now (Oh)
Pipe down (Oh)
Baby, not now (Now, now)
Pipe down (Not now, I’m busy)
Baby, not now (Oh)
Pipe down (Oh)
Baby, not now (Now, now)
Pipe down (Not now, I’m busy)

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