Joyner Lucas – I Didn’t Go Lyrics


[Joyner Lucas:]
Either you play the game or the game plays you (Facts)
And if you don’t picture, nigga, change angles (Word)
We used to be broke, now our chains dangle (Yeah)
And before the theatre at my crib, it was playin’ cable (Mm)
Oh, are you lame, ain’t you? (Yeah)
And if you lame, you stay lame, money can’t change you
I’m a bigger artist, and I don’t care if we on the same label
I’ll put a baby and a plan B in the same gravel (Grr, baow)

Gettin’ rich was my only plan (Ayy)
‘Cause you can’t raise my son and have an OnlyFans (Facts)
Project windows was my only fans (Yeah)
Take my momma out the hood, that was my only plan (Joyner)
I’m an overthinker that overplans
You still throwin’ hayemakers, praying and hope it lands
My sins gon’ kill me and I know it can
Like starin’ down a barrel of that nine but I hope it jams (Grr, baow)
Why do niggas hate me? I can’t find an answer (Uh)

They remind of some tumors, that’s a lot of cancer
Or a lot of banter
Don’t know if my son’ll be disappointed or surprised after he finds out I’m Santa (Yeah)
In order to live I needed to know how I could hide the tantrums (Woah)
In order to get why I needed to go, I took a lot of slander (Facts)
And took a lot of chances (Yeah)
I told wifey, “I got rules, if you call and I’m with my ho then I don’t gotta answer (Baow)
You say that I ain’t shit, well, you maybe right (Facts)
‘Cause I can sell your momma drugs after I lay the pipe


I can sell a bitch dope after I raise the price
Fuckin’ stabbed in the back, I’d rather face the knife
And I want all the smoke, this is not haze
This that homegrown Methadone, John Blaze (Huh)
I hate when you niggas act like you not phased (Woah)
I hate when my bitches act like they not slaves (Ah)
And I’m a born sinner but I got saved (Joyner)
Show up to the church then I got paid (Joyner)
I’m what God made (Brr)
And fuck a durag, I had so many brushes with death, I think I got waves
Lil’ roach, I think I got Raid
Pest control on a nigga, I sprayed
The day you can picture givin’ cops names
The day that you can picture A$AP Rocky without braids

Picture niggas rollin’, flyin’, foreign floatin’ out of space (Ayy)
Or bitches on Instagram with no filter face (Face)
Picture if judges ain’t judge us by our race
My nigga Thugga Thugga would be free, I pray he beat his case (His case)
Picture the industry when it’s missin’ me
Niggas run they mouth with no insurance, can’t even fix they teeth
Everybody tellin’ me, “Stay woke”, but shit, I need some sleep
I’m ’bout to change my number, drop a comment if we need to speak
All you niggas who did less for me, tryna get next to me
I don’t trust you niggas with no money but got expertise (Haha)
Level up or leave, pull up in them SUVs
Security is refugees, travel ‘cross the seven seas
People in my pocket like I ain’t got one at home to feed
Fell out with my cousin ’cause I won’t spot him eleven G’s
Aunty mad ’cause I don’t call as much as she be callin’ me
I swear to God, sometimes I wish my family had a referee (Brr, shh)
Big dogs gotta play for keeps (Play for keeps)
I’m courtside or I’m in the suites (Facts, baby)
Some niggas said I don’t support the streets (Who’s that?)
He just mad that I ain’t like his beats (Haha)
The insecurity so loud
When you win, they wanna stop you, I’m guessin’ that’s how it go now
The album ’bout to drop, this whole year look like a rollout
They was actin’ like they ain’t know but I bet they know now (I bet they know now)

Been through the pain, been though the struggle
Been through the rain, made it out the jungle
And I’m grateful for it all, the blessings and the curses
The triumphs and the failures
The lessons in the verses
The best and the worse is (Uh) yet to be seen (Uh)
And based on what I’ve been through, I don’t know what that means (What?)
But whatever it’s gon’ be (Uh), it’s gon’ be good
‘Cause I know God and knowin’ me, it’s gon’ be hood (Go hard)
Let me walk you through the darkness (Darkness), walk you through the light (The light)
Walk you through the hardest (The hardest) fights of your life (Your life)
Walk you through the good times (Good times), walk you through the struggle (Struggle)
Walk with you through it all, just because I love you (Uh)
Hug you when you need me to (Hug)
Scold you when I have to (Yeah)
Teach you when I got to (Come on)
The devil’s tryna get at you (Yeah)
Try not to let him grab you (No)
But even if he does, I’ll be right there
To help get him off just because (Just because)

Before I was born, You was right there (Uh)
Even after I’m gone, You’ll be right there (Uh)
And whenever it’s on, You’ll be right there (Come on)
I’ll make it through the storm ’cause You’ll be right there (What?)
Before I was born, You was right there (Uh)
Even after I’m gone, You’ll be right there (Come on)
And whenever it’s on, You’ll be right there (What?)
I’ll make it through the storm ’cause You’ll be right there (Come on)

In the name of Jesus
I love it, I love it, man, I thank You for it all
I thank You for it all
I thank You for my blessings
I thank You for my curses
I thank You for my problems
I thank You for my, my, my triumphs
My, all, I just thank You for it all
Everything I went through, I know it was for the grace of God
And it’s gon’ help somebody some day
Hello? I’m talkin’ to somebody
I’m talkin’ to somebody

Come on
I didn’t go, I didn’t go
I didn’t go, I didn’t go, no, no (No, no)

[Joyner Lucas:]
And at this point, I felt like my kids are the only thing that keeps me goin’, you know what I mean? Like
They just uncovered the real you

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