J. Cole – Pi Lyrics


Know what I’m sayin’
Lights off, lights goin’, know what I’m sayin’?
Haha, uh
So it’s over, don’t you agree?
I do, yeah
Is it a room full of, full of mirrors or a room full of Motown, I don’t know
Shoutout to Zordon, if you know, you know
(She makes the rain fall from my eyes) Yo
You know that I do belie- (Man)

The criteria for this tier is just a open pride
Hope and cries, but so can I
I drop the unprovoken crimes
Pray to the heaven, God, with no disguise
We roll the dice and hope the soul unties
Reap the fruit with no bow tie

Sensitive Pisces, still thuggin’, ain’t ‘fraid to cry
Skinny, biggy, lens is tinted, ain’t got no lazy eye
Heart of gold, almost sold it in Saudi Arabia
Quill told me the clouds ain’t real, God gotta paint the sky
So I’m a student of Sophia Stewart, the Matrix ain’t a lie
Tainted Gods fall from the sky
Tie in inception
When you wake inside this dream, you a weapon
Step in the cypher, know the beef real
Your life at stake, ages with each meal
Real estate of mind, you need equity? Let the beat build
Poison in my cup, I need to refill
I feel it in my gut, you niggas meek still


I inherited the Earth
Like three wise men pulled up to cherish my birth
They placed me in a manger, wasn’t that major at first
But what a mess I’ll leave, I’m the savior at work
I ain’t sayin’ I’m Jesus
Got the job of the messiah, Ty and Joe, we block all devils
Get y’all shovels, can ya dig it?
We gon’ riot if y’all pick it
Sign of danger from my past, oh we anger from my past, can’t get past that
We the last batch and the cause, installed, we got Black facts
Grow a spinal or backtrack
The homies call me Batman, I’m the African Ben Affleck
Publishin’ some other shit, like is something up with ASCAP?

It’s training day, don’t get your ass capped
Givenchy snapback with the rindstones, you ain’t never had that
Was at Saks Fifth with dough, that’s a double entendre
Everything I say is dope, is this a microphone or contra?
Bands in my pocket
See what they told Malcolm X to do with his hands?
That shit was out of pocket
Picked up shotguns that came in handy, wasn’t no plan B
Kid gone, who can fuck with him? Knew them shots would muzzle him
Knew the blocks would puzzle him
Let’ go stupid because of him
Shells fallin’ like Nephilim
Gilgamesh, who can fuck with him? (Perfect)

Oh, y’all thought we was done wit’ em? Huh
Y’all must be stupid, we finna go dumb on ’em
Just keep your ears open like Dumbo and them
Good luck to them, it’s up for them
Piece of the pie edge, we gon’ crumble ’em
Three fourteen on the guy head when we rumble ’em
Hahaha, on second thought, that’s enough for ’em
Nah, you gotta chill, bro (Hahaha)

She makes a tear fall from my eye
Ah, man, I wish it was the rain
You gotta reach out to them
She makes the rain fall from my eye

Uh, prayer hands for the land where they sprayin’ pellets
And turning your mans to an angelic
Being and freeing him from this crammed, hellish hole
The weather’s cold from jealous souls that fanned fellas
I danced as well as Chris Breezy when the bullets start strayin’ careless
I won’t let him Swiss cheese me, got plans that I can’t fail at
Seen plenty bodies trembling, resembling Cam Reddish
So full of potential, but never given a real chance to develop
My head envelops the pen, these ain’t fan letters I craft

His album dropped, it was trash
I litter it like I can’t spell it
Is you a demon or is that demeanor for the ‘Gram? Tell us
They plead the fifth, I’m seeing hints of a trans fella
In cancel culture’s vicinity, he’s no killer, trust me
Beneath his chosen identity, there is still a pussy, period
Blood spillin’ monthly, rather weekly as a myriad of bodies drop
Where bricks get karate chopped to maximize the dojo, comprende
I wonder, will my friends make it past the pearly gates, so we could kick it
But based on what their sins say, probably not
Hit lick after lick like a lollipop
You niggas take a lie detect’, the polygraph’ll probably pop
You know my zone, I live here at the top

Right now, I’m home alone, Macaulay cot
I keep the shotty cocked in ‘case somebody plot to rob me of this godly spot
Jermaine monstrous
Like that nigga off Jumaji, they know how he rock
All these bodies I done caught, I should probably stop
Nah, fuck that, I willingly venture into a den full of lions
On some kill or be sent to a funeral home facility
To test my ability with this thrilling agenda
But it’s hard to meet my match when my raps ain’t really that tender
Since birth, the kid knew his worth
Never wallowed in sorrow, the game he disbursed
In these verses, bring a gillie potential, a milli’ from pencils
Never will my ability cripple
Now please, hold your L like you guardin’ Philly’s young center
Quick to leave a chick curved
It’s only one of me, but better slide six hers
In my mobile device, you feel the motive in these quotables, right?
Cole is the nicest, but ain’t shit about these vocals polite
Focusin’ like bifocals

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