Icewear Vezzo – Motion Lyrics


My lil’ million dollar nigga stood on business, ’bout to suite up
I dropped thirty, Urus shoot out, pew, pew, pew, gon’ tear the roof out
Got my paperwork, gon’ read it twice, lil’ nigga, who hot?
My lil’ Ticken in the feds, this some time for lil’ Oowop
Baby mama said I’m crazy, son, they got me shittin’
I went platinum in the streets, was wrappin’ bricks, this bitch a hit
Half a book of yams, full of flakes, look like grits

You ain’t never shot no blick, they only thing you bust is wrist
Pill poppin’ demon, syrup sippin’ goon
I make music for no rappers, I make luxury choppa music
Ran it off the shrooms, got her pussy poppin’ too it
.40 in my Nike hood, copped blues, it’s off them Roxy’s, new
Just want seventy-five, soppy out his MACs

To Ohio just to sell some cubes of ice and double back
Hundred jars of pills, different colors, triple stacks
Told lil’ brother get some map, bitch, how you rollin’ on them flats?
Got two choppas by the piery, dezzi in my waist-line
Keep it moving, heard them pussy niggas telling through the grape vine
Dog shit every day, won’t go to war, they put some pape’ down
Stack a forgis on the Maybach, sixty-two, I call it 8 Mile


Phew, hmm, ooh (Ooh), motion (Motion)
Hmm, mm, motion (Motion)
Phew, ooh, we havin’ motion (We havin’ motion, fuck a nigga talkin’ ’bout?)
Ooh, it’s motion

Trappin’ on the sixty, gold mine was in lil’ bro hand
Got the reggie ‘bow on four hands
Half a rackie on the low end
For sure, it’s jumping back, plan a wrist and put my toe in
Eight of lean, when you bustin’, ’90’s Crippin, you know the program
Really come with pressure
Two fifty in compressors
Skizzy full of pebbles, stuff the glizzy with some extras
Rollie with spaghetti, sixty pointer diamond necklace

Fuck a call, them niggas steppin’
We done spinned on shit for breakfast
You niggas act like bitches, put some hoes on it
Up the blow-dryer, stuff the clip, here come something
Never owed nothin’
Hands out, ain’t holdin’ nothin’
Bitch, I got my own money
Y’all out of breath from road running, bitch

Phew, hmm, ooh (Yeah), motion (On God)
Hmm, mm, motion (Motion)
Phew, ooh, we havin’ motion (We havin’ motion)
Ooh, it’s motion, bitch

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