Gunna – on one by tonight Lyrics


You niggas been hatin’ way too long, yeah, yeah
Too grown, I bought that-, oh
That’s a good one, Pete
Yeah, yeah

I went to AP, spent two hundred K, they sold me the frost, rainbow face
They hope I fall off, ain’t no way
I might be alright, but it ain’t okay
Niggas got left, niggas went right, I went left and stayed left and ain’t nothin’ the same
They run they lips, I put my pep in the step and my foot on the pedal, the Range
Spend this shit like I’m ahead of the game

You said they gon’ drop and it better be flame
Lil’ mami gon’ top, she gon’ suck ’til I’m drained
My top five top, in love with her brain
Across the sea, huh, Hatteras in Mykonos, Greece, man, they love me in Spain
I’m kickin’ P, uh, I land on the jet with a bitch with a big body frame
Dressed like a biker, rockin’ black, Margiela loafers the ones with the lace


Pull out the title, yeah, right, hope that these lil’ niggas really wanna race
I got the fire, I spit crack, I got the fans gon’ recite what I say
Hand me that lighter, this ain’t no thrax, this some Bluscotti, I smoke to the face
Made it to the light, they still throwin’ shade, I was locked up takin’ chips for a trade
I’m the boss, make more than minimum wage, these blue hunnids keepin’ my mental straight

Talkin’ to God in the middle of the day, ain’t no human bein’ determine my fate
The more I get it in, the more they gon’ hate, that lil’ body Benz, I know what you pay
(Yeah, ayy)
Don’t tempt me, I’m on one tonight (Yeah, ayy)
Don’t play with me, play with a mic (Yeah, ayy)
She suck it when we stop at the light
These rappers ain’t copyin’ right (Yeah, ayy)
Get dressed and pop out in the night
Too trim, I got ’em enticed

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