GloRilla – In Dat Mode Lyrics


(Go Grizzly)
It’s big Glo
The biggest Glo
And don’t shit get bigger than that, bitch
You feel me?

R-r-ridin’ in a fast car, smokin’, thinkin’ ’bout my life
You helped me out when I coudn’t help myself, I love you more than life
Count me out, they must ain’t good at math ’cause they ain’t countin’ right
You shitted on me at my lowest, you know I still owe you, right?
Ain’t nothin’ in this world free
And playin’ with me might cost your life
I’m really eatin’ these bitches up, all the fuck they do is bite
Got some ratchet hoes, don’t play about me, all they do is fight
My lil’ nigga ain’t no killer, he a hustler, all he shoot is dice
My bills paid, my sauce right, ain’t nan nigga have to pay for this (Stamp that)
Hustled myself to the top, can’t nobody say they gave me shit (Facts)
At times I wanna give up, have to remember that I prayed for this (On God)
Lookin’ back on all the shit I been through, I was made for this, on gang

Uh, yeah
I’m in that mode
(And you bitches couldn’t see me on no day, not even your birthday)
I’m in that mode
(I’m still hustlin’ every day like I ain’t havin’ this shit)
I’m in that mode
(I came from the struggle for real, I refuse to go back)
I’m in that motherfuckin’ mode


Remember sittin’ in the nosebleeds, nobody was on top of me
Now I’m courtside, Ja Morant can pass the ball to me (Let me get that)
I’m at the bank more than the house, I’m on my way there now (‘Bout to pull up)
If you ain’t hit since I been rich, that shit don’t even count (Ha)
If my people say it’s fuck you, I look at you like my enemy
So any ho that kick shit with my opp is not a friend of me
I’ll cut anybody off, I don’t care if you kin to me
I ain’t kissin’ no ass, it’s fuck you, we matchin’ energy
And when it come to niggas, I just know my role and play my part
Ain’t never puttin’ my all in nothin’ ’cause I’ma tweak out ’bout my heart
Yup, tweak out ’bout my feelings
Uh, tweak out on these niggas
Ayy, that’s why I’m heartless now
Yup, hard on all you niggas, on God

Uh, yeah
I’m in that mode
(It’s payback for all that time I was laid back, they gotta feel me)
I’m in that mode
(And anybody gettin’ in the way gettin’ stepped on, stamp that)
I’m in that mode
(I’m feelin’ like baby right now, I can’t be fucke with)
I’m in that motherfuckin’ mode

Got a crib in a few cities but I’m Memphis to the heart
Slide the G-Wagon, Lamb or the ‘Vette, all my shit push to start (Skrrt, skrrt)
In the streets like a yellow line, in the hood like a motor
I’m too cold to be unthawed and too raw to get fucked over (The fuck?)
Give my heart to who I’m bulletproof
Diamonds hit through the hoodie too (Ice)
My circle so small, we all could fit in one hula hoop (Nah, for real)
What bitch you know jumped off the porch bigger than Glo? I’ll wait
If you can make out this shit, I applaud you, bitch, I don’t hate (On gang)

Uh, yeah
I’m in that mode (I’m in that mode)
Woo, woo, ayy
I’m in that mode (I’m in that mode)
(On the gang, gang, gang)
I’m in that mode (I’m in that mode)
I’m in that motherfuckin’ mode

Ayy, ayy
On the gang, gang
To be continued

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