GloRilla – Finesse Da Glo Lyrics


2′ of em
D.A. got that dope

I don’t do the friends (Don’t call me your friend)
I don’t do the buddies (I am not your buddy)
Don’t need you to cook don’t need you to clean
Pull up we fucking (pull up and get out of here, gone)
I pour a fo’ in a peach Arizona
I hit her raw and got caught in the moment (oops)
I got her saying she love me
Bitch how you love me and don’t even know me? (yeah)
Bought her some Maison Margiela and now I can fuck her whenever (whenever I want her)
Speed up on the addy
Slow it down on the Tesla (this a percocet 30)

I’m looking through the Bulgari, sorry, but I can tell you ‘flaugin (you cap)
Like free Black Haven, free Big Larry (they fed), they really was mobbin’ (mobbin’)
Fuck a vouch (fuck that)
Break them fifties out
Fuck a house
Hit my man (boom)
All you see is shells jumping out (jumping out)
We the Klan (carry nation)
I don’t fuck with niggas, KKK (KKK)
If it wasn’t for choppers, man, I probably wouldn’t be here today


Get your hoe
And tell her to pipe down with her lil ugly ass
Let’s go stack for stack
Not body for body with your little “fuckin” ass
I ain’t bothering nobody
If they throwing shots, you know that I’m busting back (baow, baow, baow)
He thinking he doing something, ’til I turn around and just get to fucking back
I know you watching
Like some pictures since you lurking (Ayeee)
Raw as hell, gotta come see it person (come here)
It’s that Leo in me
I don’t want you, I’m just flirting
Bitch we get shit done
We not post it but we working (on gang)

Ok, your bitch want me (Don’t it?)
You caught her liking all my pics and you was sick wasn’t it? (huh)
Why you keep blowing up my phone?
You want some dick don’t it? (I know it)
The way she made her pussy squirt I thought she pissed on me
Goddamn, yo pussy wet
Ok I lost the hoe (what happened?)
But knocked two mo’ hoes the same day (two times)
Favoritism? (Ou)
I treat all hoes the same way (the same way)
Say I’m a trick? (Never)
Hoe a lie ain’t shit to tell (tell)
You been selling pussy 10 years and you still broke as hell (that’s crazy)

The whole clique want me
But tell the store runners move over I want the big homie (get at me)
This pussy tight he like the way that lil junk grip on it (this pressure)
Aye, this the shit that make you wanna leave yo bitch, don’t it? (I know it) (Oo-wee she gon’ be sick)
Confidence through the roof (on God)
They say I’m cocky I just know I’m fine
Can’t go for nun, they ass gon’ have me fucked up every time
Say I’m a ho? (say what?)
Nigga just mad cause he ain’t fucked yet
Been in my DMs seven years and still ain’t had no luck yet
On the gang

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