Fivio Foreign – No Love Lyrics


(no love lost no love lost no love lost for ya) x2

Yeah it’s time for a touch up
Get rid of the nggas that fcked up
If you loyal to me then it’s just us
If I argue with you then it’s tough love
Nggas is hatin it’s makin me tougher They watchin me win it’s makin em suffer If she not my btch then I don’t really trust her
They act like they cool but they don’t really love us
F*ck em
Go to the hood and they give me a brush up
They tell me everything happenin

I knew that ngga was fakin and fraudin and lyin the moment I sat with him I got a problem I call up my africans He got deported then he made it back again He don’t wanna meet all nggas
I just wanna hear my ngga T Dot laugh again This is a hard livin All this fame and money is god given But the pain made us some dark nggas
We are not them there’s a large difference
Live a dark life you get a dark vision
(Live a dark life you get a dark vision)
N*ggas all talk til the sparks flickin


I say legends never die
Must’ve never seen a gangsta cry
Ridin with the nina on my side
Prayin to god a n*gga don’t try
The love I give is automatic
The love they show is automatic
If i call the woo it’s problematic
Hellcat parked in the zoo like paramedics

He think he a funny man ting like druski not no joke to my broskis
I catch a opp at Sei Less tell him say less then he ringin up police
The love I give is automatic
Can’t show me love if you never had it
The love that I give is automatic
(no love lost no love lost no love lost for ya) x2
No love lost for ya

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