Fall Out Boy – So Much For Stardust starring Jimmy Butler Lyrics


I’m in a winter mood
Dreaming of spring now
Burning myself down
Burning myself down
I feel like something that’s been stretched out
Over and over again
Until I’m creased and I’m about to break down the middle
Split me right down the middle
Right right down the middle yeah

The stars are the same as ever
But I don’t have the guts to keep it together
Stuck in the permafrost

Life is just a game maybe
I’m stuck in a lonely loop my baby


So much for stardust
We thought we had it all
Thought we had it all

I need the sound of crowds or I can’t fall asleep at night
Can’t take my thoughts and I am awake
Another year of possibilities left unwrapped
Like gifts the day right after Christmas past
And I’m pretty positive my pain isn’t cool enough

Like a sledgehammer to a disco ball
Crushing all my low low low lows
Ache it til you make it

I think I’ve been going through it
I’ve been putting your name to it

In another life
You were my babe
In another life
You were the sunshine of my lifetime
What would trade the pain for?
I’m not sure

I used to be a real go-getter
I used to think it’d all get better

So much for stardust
We thought we had it all

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