Chris Brown – Run Away Lyrics


Ahh, ooooh oh
Hey, yeah
Oooh ooh, oh
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yea baby

Say Yo if you wanna be mine
Where you belong is all alone with me, I
Know you don’t miss him
So I won’t remind
Girl you know I don’t wanna miss out in the meantime (time)

On a runway
Flash on a runway
He ain’t ready
Ask you to run away
He don’t know you need the bag every Monday
Hey hey
Watch this, yeah
Got them bands in my pockets
Girl you know I’ll pay for it but watch this
Yea yea
Yea yea
Yea yea


All of the time, girl you look fine
(I’ll be your man if you want love)
Girl you deserve all of the shine
And I’ll get behind it
(You know my bands they don’t run out, no)
You know I don’t see you with him
No, I don’t get it (I don’t get it, get it)
You know I wanna be down if you’re with it (is you with it, girl with it uh)
Girl, I get so excited when
You touch me, girl can I come
See you now baby
(Yeah, can I see you)
See you now baby
Yeah yeah

I know that I want
Play with you, I know I love it
So bring your ass to the front
Shake it like that baby, throw it

Yeah, arch back
Like that
Hair back
Like that
Uh, get ready I’m heating up
I don’t give a fuck how we get up
Just call back
Right back
We can spend, then get it right back
She just said I wanted all of that, uh
So that’s why I bought her that

I know you rock with me right now
You know that I can’t stand to be here without
A second guess is filling me with doubt
Ain’t no need for the stressin’, you with me now

On the runway, cameras
Flash on the runway
He ain’t ready if you ask him to the runaway
He don’t know you need the bag every Monday, yeah yeah

Watch this, uh
Got them bands in my pockets
You ain’t seen 100 bands, yeah but watch this
You ain’t know I got bands for real, baby if I, I

Make you mine
Oh, I
Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah

Yeah uh yeah yeah
Yeah uh, Chris Brown, Chris Brown, Chris Brown
Young tiller, Bryson, Bryson

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, ah yeah
Ah yeah, work

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