BORN OF OSIRIS – Elevate Lyrics


I tried to make things right
So alarming, its disarming
Can you call this pace your home?

Your surroundings, overwhelming
Thinking it was worth it to be something special
I’m becoming more alive less artificial
Never cared for the things that you said to me
Do you relate to the pain or will you set me free

As we elevate
We won’t disintegrate
Were making our way back to the place where we began
Are you still locked in place?
Like everyone you face


Slave to visions taking shape like I’m chasing
Embrace the will to change, remove the hatred from
your system
Lifting up from the ground, as we levitate
Feeling weightless and suspended in the empty

Shapes bend the room
Surrounded by visions
Question your truth
These walls will not define you

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