††† Crosses – Runner Lyrics


“Hey there, where you runnin’?”
You’re only days from the mouth of this cage
Hey where are you going?
“I’ve searched around this place and it’s dead”

“I’ve been roaming alone here for days, it’s a trap”
She said “I’ve seen shade and I’m going”
“If you do would you drag me along?”

As I ran behind you bombs rang out in the air
On the faint horizon flowers rain from the air
From the air


Hey, where are we running?
We’re only days from the caves where it’s safe
Hey there, where we going?
She said “I’m tired can we lay here instead?”

As I lie beside you shots go off in the air
In the skies above us shower the rain from the air
From the air
And the waves of flowers bury us both from the air
From the air
And you lean into me whispering
“Now, we are there, we are there”

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